Thursday, June 23, 2011


--- From my "Worship Words" series ---

Last week was Vacation Bible School. One of the things I love about VBS is all the songs with lots of hand motions and dancing. The reason we do it this way is because adding the actions helps the kids to stay interested and to learn. When we make big hand motions and sing about how big or powerful God is, the motions reinforce the message.

Our word today is “demonstration.” One aspect of our role as worship leaders is that of demonstrating what we are saying to the congregation. When we raise our hands in surrender, when we clap with joy, when we dance (or bounce) to a song of celebration, our actions reinforce the message we are singing. The principle we use when teaching children applies to adults as well – many people in our congregation are learning about God and how to worship Him by watching us. Let us demonstrate our words with our actions, just like we did last week at VBS.

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