Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Being left handed

I am, in case you didn't know, left-handed. I love being left-handed, the greatest men in history were predominantly left-handed (so were some of the worst). Even God is left-handed. Don't believe me? He must be, since the Bible says that Jesus is sitting on His right hand.

Anyways, there are many, many places in which being left-handed puts me at a disadvantage. Some are trivial - did you know that the printing on pens and pencils is upside-down if you hold them in your left hand? Some are minor - scissors are built so that when held in your right hand, the top blade does not obscure your view of the cut line - when held in the left hand, you must look over the blade to see your cut line. Some can be dangerous - in fact left-handers may actually live shorter lives.

Here's one I'll bet no one has noticed before. The shortcut keys for the common editing commands undo, cut, copy, and paste use the shortcuts Z, X, C, and V respectively. All of those keys are on the left side of the keyboard. So, when I am using my mouse and I want to use one of those common shortcuts, I must take my hand off of the mouse, press the desired key chord, then return to the mouse. If I have a difficult series of edits to make (this is common when I am programming) this can be very inefficient. Sometimes I even move the mouse to the right side of the keyboard for a few minutes (another advantage to being left-handed is that most of us can use out right hands fairly well for common tasks).

Probably not the biggest issue in my life, but it sure can be irritating. I can only hope that all that movement reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries.

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