Sunday, March 02, 2008

Isn't it cute when atheists try to think logically?

I have, as of late, come to find it not so much irritating as it is amusing when atheists attempt to use reason and logic. Not necessarily because they have proven to be particularly inept at it, but because it is against all reason for them to do so.

By definition, an atheist is not only one who doesn’t believe in God, but who is also a materialist. And here is where reason falls apart. If the mind truly is nothing more than mechanistic processes acting on chemical compositions known, for convenience, as cells, then there is no particular reason to believe that the process of reasoning and thinking has any meaning at all. The thoughts of such a brain are nothing more than the determined outcome of chemical processes. So, there is no reason to place any weight in such thoughts, certainly no reason to expect that any one set of thoughts have any more validity than any other set of thoughts. Even the thoughts about the thoughts have no inherent meaning to recommend them over any other collection of thoughts.

I am aware of how many times I used the word “reason” in the last two paragraphs. Because the truth is, we all know our thoughts are meaningful. That’s why it’s so amusing, even cute to watch atheists think. They are like the little child who insists that he is “Helping” daddy carry the heavy board. The child’s input is of negligible impact, but he is convinced of efficacy of his efforts, all the while failing to even notice the simple fact that he could accomplish nothing if it weren’t for daddy.