Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cleaning up jspm forks in my Aurelia project

These are just some notes so that the next time I need this, I will know where to look. And if they happen to help anyone else, all the better.

A couple of nights ago I grabbed the latest and then did a jspm update on my site. Everything ran great until the end, when I suddenly found myself with 7 forks. Now, you have to know, this project has been perfect for weeks now. The last time this happened, I threw up my hands and just grabbed the latest package.json and config.js from the github repository. Today, I decided it was time to man up and figure out what was happening. Here is what I learned.

Some time ago, for reasons that may no longer exist, I added specific dependencies on aurelia-pal, aurelia-templating and aurelia-depenency-injection to my project. (I will learn later today if I still need those). Because I had specific dependencies on those projects, as they upgraded, I eventually fell behind. To be honest, I'm not sure why I fell behind, but a couple of days ago, the update ended up installing both the newest versions needed by the framework and the specific version I had added to my config.js.

The solution was simply to update the hard-coded dependencies in config,js. In my case, I deleted them, since I'm not even sure I need the direct reference.

So, what I learned is that the forks come from config.js. Maybe those who are more familiar with jspm already knew this, but I didn't.

And for now, I do. Until I learn more. Then I might just update this post.

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