Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Aurelia Lessons

I'm going to try and start blogging again, this time mostly around what I'm learning as I implement a new work project using Aurelia ( Most won't be very long, they are just meant to document what I learn and force me to think clearly about it.

For today, just my setup. I've been on this project since before Aurelia went beta. I started with the ES6 navigation skeleton, but I have ended up hand editing a lot of my configuration files. I recommend this strongly. Learning what those files do has been a big help in my growing understanding of the framework. I run on Windows 7. I'm using VS Code as my code editor. I find myself wishing it had tabs, I may have to change to a tabbed editor before I'm done. It's syntax highlighting is pretty good, though.

I'm writing using ES6, not TypeScript. No particular reason, I just started there and haven't changed. I might someday.

I'm using the gulp tasks that come with the skeleton to manage everything. Karma + jasmine for my unit tests.

I have added 5 packages to the standard download: aurelia-validation, aurelia-dialog, moment, numeral and js-cookie. All were just jspm loaded and everything's good.

Next post, I'll talk a bit about the config files and how I have structured my app.

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