Friday, July 15, 2011

Design by accident

Wow! 3 in one day...

I am a poor original designer. That is, if you give me a blank page, my designs will be at best passable. I'm not too bad at improving a design, so I can be a useful member of a design team, as long as someone else has the original ideas.

One consequence of this is that my best designs are accidental. Case in point: today, I decided that I did not like the graphical buttons that I was using throughout mypeoplematter. I went to the css button generator site to try out a button using the overall color scheme for the site. I ended up with something that I liked, so I updated my style sheets and voila! New buttons. I liked them a lot better, but because I had used a very small padding value in the style sheets, some were exceptionally small. So, I added a min-width attribute to the style. This was the design accident.

When I went to look at the buttons, they were left-justified. And I loved it! I have not seen left-justified buttons on a web site before, so I had no idea how cool they could look.


An example above. I have to admit, I like this significantly better than centered buttons. I wonder, has anyone else an opinion?

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