Saturday, November 18, 2006

OSU Michigan

Halftime. 28-14. Wow, I knew that Troy Smith was a good quarterback, but it looks right now like there is nothing Michigan can do to stop him. The commentators are talking about applying pressure, but to watch him play, you figure he will just kill them with 3-5 yards throws.

Of course, this is OSU-Michigan, and there is still a half to go.

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the-unintentional-blogger said...

I was watching the UA game at a sports place with a friend and that game was on the next screen over. Lots of OSU fans in that place. Michigan was just not playing well. I knew they were in trouble Michigan could have stopped a breakaway run in the 2nd quarter, but one of the defenders tripped on nothing and then another defender tripped over him! OY! I don't really care to much about either team, but I am from Michigan so it pains me a little to see OSU winning. But hey, UA won, and really, that's what counts!